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    Concerts in Sunset Park, Elkhorn, WI are scheduled for Friday evenings at 7:30 pm from the 3rd Friday in June for 6 weeks. In case of Rain or Severe Weather there will be Concert Information posted in this Blog by 6:15 pm the evening of the concert or at Holton-Elkhorn Band on FaceBook.
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Holton-Elkhorn Band – Summer 2020

It is with heavy heart that this blog is being written to the fans of the Holton-Elkhorn Band this day.  After much thought, listening to the news and the state of our country’s health, as well as thoughts from our current band members, the Holton-Elkhorn band has decided to cancel the summer 2020 band concerts in the park.

Most bands in Wisconsin that perform summer concerts have canceled for the summer. This writer, and for that fact, no one in the band, would ever get over it if someone that attended one of the concerts got seriously ill and/or died.  This writer thinks that it is far better to err on the side of caution than to perform and possibly hurt someone.

Let us all look forward to getting together in December for a Great Christmas concert. Let’s also believe for all the health issues our country is facing to be past by that time.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Christmas Concert 2019

Holton Christmas Concert

2019 Holton-Elkhorn Band Christmas Concert – Dec. 14, 2019

Rehearsals start tonight for this year’s Holton Band Christmas concert. The band is ready and eager to make wonderful sounds and tunes for this holiday season.

There’ll be a song about travelling kings, a tune done in Celtic style, a wonderful medley of Irving Berlin Christmas tunes, oh, and it’s been rumored that a green creature that abhors friendship and fun might come lurking when the band plays a certain TV Holiday Special song.

It’s an evening of wonderful music that you won’t want to miss. Saturday Dec. 14th at 7:30 pm in the Elkhorn high school auditorium. It is a free concert and tickets can be picked up at the Elkhorn Chamber of Commerce.

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Concert 7/19/2019

Holton-Elkhorn Band Concert – 7/19/2019 . . . is on as scheduled tonight. It will be a warm one so bring water and try to be cool. There will be a breeze and as the evening goes on cooling will happen. This is the last band concert of the summer. Please come and enjoy!

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Concert 7/12/19

Tonight’s concert is on as scheduled. The weather is supposed to be perfect . . . no rain and only moderate humidity. A perfect evening for a concert. Come and enjoy a nice variety of music; a couple marches, some show music and several new tunes to the band this year, as well as some favorites from the past. Concert starts at 7:30pm. ☀️

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Concert 7/5/2019

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Concert 7/5/2019. The Concert for tonight is on as scheduled. The weather services have taken out the small chances for rain and the weather for the concert should be ideal; warm and partially sunny. The band has a nice variety of music planned for your listening pleasures, including: a couple of marches, Variations On A Korean Folk Song, Selections from Oliver, a cool medley of jazz standards and several other pieces. Come on out and enjoy a stress-less evening concert. Downbeat at 7:30pm.

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Star Spangled Spectacular 2019

Wow, what a Star Spangled Spectacular celebration it was! The weather was great, the food and other vendors were great and the music was great. To share the stage with the 132nd Army Band was simply wonderful! They sounded great, looked great and were very professional. They put on a great performance before the Holton-Elkhorn Band took the stage. All the evening’s activities were perfect . . . including a great Fireworks display. Elkhorn, you have some great people working together to make a more than fine city with neat activities. Congrats to the 132nd Army Band and the Holton-Elkhorn Band on their Wonderful concert performances. Oh, and did you catch Stars and Stripes Forever for the Finale, where the two bands performed together. The Army band marched out and played from memory in front of the bandshell. I hope you didn’t miss this great event!

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Star Spangled Spectacular Concert 6/28/2019

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Star Spangled Spectacular Concert – 7/28/2019 The concert is on for tonight. The rain is down to 30% and the Fire Dept., who launch the fireworks, and the Chamber of Commerce are saying the celebration events are on for the afternoon and evening. The 132nd Army Band from Madison will share the concert with the Holton-Elkhorn Band and are on their way! See you all tonight!

Holton-Elkhorn Band Concert – 6/21/2019

So sorry to say that we’re cancelling the concert tonight. Consulting three weather and radar sites it looks as though rain is at 60% from 7pm until 9pm. The band wanted to play but we don’t feel it would be very enjoyable for the audience to sit in the rain. We love our audience and we know many would come with raingear, but we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Holton-Elkhorn Band Concert – 6/14/2019

The first Holton-Elkhorn Band concert of the 2019 season is a go! After checking two weather services it looks as though rain will not be a problem . . . starting around 4am. It seems like the wind is calming a bit also. I think we’re in for a wonderful summer evening concert. The Band will be playing a couple marches, a couple nautical tunes and selections from Phantom Of The Opera, along with several other audience favs. Bring your lawn chair and come ready to enjoy. The concert begins at 7:30pm.

Holton-Elkhorn Band – rehearsal 6/13/19.

The Holton-Elkhorn Band has it’s 2nd rehearsal of the 2019 concert season tonight. The rehearsal will go well and the musicians will be excited and ready for a concert on Friday evening. After checking the weather all week it looks as though the rain may hold off until the concert is played. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. It may be windy and a bit chilly. We’ve got some nice music to start off the season. See you Friday evening at 7:30pm in Sunset Park, Elkhorn WI.