• Weather Notification – Concerts

    Concerts in Sunset Park, Elkhorn, WI are scheduled for Friday evenings at 7:30 pm from the 3rd Friday in June for 6 weeks. In case of Rain or Severe Weather there will be Concert Information posted in this Blog by 6:15 pm the evening of the concert or at Holton-Elkhorn Band on FaceBook.
  • Holton-Elkhorn Band Evening Concert

    Sunset Park


Funded by the Holton Foundation and the City of Elkhorn, the Holton-Elkhorn Band provides six concerts in Sunset Park each summer and a Christmas Concert in December.

If interested in the documents filed with the IRS concerning the funding and expenditures of the Holton-Elkhorn Band feel free to review the documents below:

2014 990pf        2014 990ezb       Schedules 990 PF – 2014

2015 990pf        2015 990ezb       Schedules 990 PF – 2015

2016 990pf        2016 990ezb       Schedules 990 PF – 2016

2017 990pf        2017 990ezb       Schedules 990 PF – 2017

2018 990pf        2018 990ezb       Schedules 990 PF – 2018

Holton-Elkhorn Band financial reports and IRS records may also be viewed by appointment at:

N6674 Club House Cir.

Elkhorn, WI  53121

7 Responses

  1. Hi there,

    I’m looking to get back to playing in a group. I play clarinet and am a elementary music and band teacher in the Waukesha School District. If you could let me know if you have any spots available in the clarinet section I would be greatly appreciative! nimmerbm05@gmail.com

    • Hi Brittany, my name is Fred Palmer and I direct and manage the Holton-Elkhorn Band. It’s great to hear of your interest in playing and I can say that we would be happy for you to be with us. We play a six week summer concert in the park series (June & July) and a Christmas concert in December. I will keep the gmail address attached to this correspondence and email you when the December rehearsals (2) and concert get close, usually in mid November. Feel free to email me with any other questions you may have. Sincerely, Fred Palmer – Holton-Elkhorn Band palmfr@yahoo.com

  2. Your web site isn’t up to date. Do you need a volunteer to help with that? I have some experience with web sites.

    • Not exactly sure what you mean by the site isn’t up to date. It’s only used to disseminate information about concerts and concert weather. Surely interested however in what you might do to make it better.

  3. Will you be playing in the summer of 2021 at sunset park?

    • It is looking good so far. We want to make it work. City has approved it and we just have to see how many musicians are ready/willing to play.

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