• Weather Notification – Concerts

    Concerts in Sunset Park, Elkhorn, WI are scheduled for Friday evenings at 7:30 pm from the 3rd Friday in June for 6 weeks. In case of Rain or Severe Weather there will be Concert Information posted in this Blog by 6:15 pm the evening of the concert or at Holton-Elkhorn Band on FaceBook.
  • Holton-Elkhorn Band Evening Concert

    Sunset Park

Holton-Elkhorn Band 7/21/2018

A hearty Thank You to all the hardy concertgoers who came to the park yesterday to hear the last of the Holton-Elkhorn band’s concerts for this summer. The Band managed to play between the drops of rain although every now and then I heard the quiet patter of light raindrops. Our audience knows better . . . they came with umbrellas, rain gear, and one ingenious fellow set up a small overhead tent for his family. The Band got the whole concert played and music turned in. It was a great way to end the summer series. It seems like it just started. I guess the old saying is true — Time Flies When You’re Having Fun! Or, as Kermit de Frog says . . . “Time’s Fun When You’re having Flies”.  We played some of our favorite music. Thank you for attending!

Holton-Elkhorn Band Concert – 7/20/2018

The concert for tonight is a pretty tough call. The sky looks lighter to the West and the radar shows a bit of a clearing. The band is going to meet around 7:15 to either play as much of the concert as the weather will allow OR to just turn in music. If you’re a hardy soul and would like to catch part of the concert come join us.

Btw, the Holton-Elkhorn Band Christmas Concert will be held in the high school auditorium this year.  The theater downtown is so nice but just too small to accommodate all the people that would like to attend. More information will follow.

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Concert 7/13/18

Let’s have a concert!  Two of this person’s weather sites now say the rain will hold until 11pm. That sounds good enough for a concert. The other weather site said rain at 10pm, which still sounds like concert making.

Lots of good music tonight. Come on out to Sunset Park and hear the music. Concert starts at 7:30pm. See you there.

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Concert 7/13/2018

It looks as though the Holton-Elkhorn Band will be able to get their concert played tonight. Watching the weather all week, the showers icon came and disappeared more times than I’d like to admit. Checking three weather sites today, it looks like the showers will hold off until 10pm tonight. Our concerts are usually finished by 8:40pm and to this person, that  looks like a GO!  Stay tuned for a final update at 6:15pm. A final decision will be available at that time.

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Concert 7/6/18

The weather for the Holton-Elkhorn concert tonight looks nearly perfect. There is no rain forecast and the humidity and temperature will be hovering in the perfect range.

The band is practiced up and ready to present another concert full of fun and enjoyment. Of course there will be a couple marches, a collection of old movie themes, a medley of favorite tunes from a popular musical and a few other contrasting things, including a national anthem from another country.  Of course, the concert will begin with our own national anthem. It should be a fun time to gather and listen. Concert begins at 7:30pm.  See you there!

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Concert 6/29/18

It looks like the weather will cooperate this evening for the Star Spangled Spectacular 4th Celebration. There is no rain forecast but it will be very hot. Bring water and beverages to drink and stay hydrated. There will be a wide selection of music tonight from Americana, musicals, marches and music for the young (at heart). There will be a lot of people filling the Park tonight so plan on arriving early for parking. Music will start at 7:30pm.

The band would like to thank the Elkhorn Recreation department for the new chairs they purchased for the Bandshell. They are very very nice!  Thank you!

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Concert 6/22/18

The Holton-Elkhorn Band Concert is going to happen tonight!  The rain has moved off and we will be able to have a concert. It may be somewhat cool in the park so maybe bring a light jacket or sweater. A nice mixture of music tonight will make the evening nostalgic and enjoyable.  See you there!  Concert starts at 7:30 pm.

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Concert 6/15/2018

The weather looks great for tonight’s Holton-Elkhorn Band Concert.  Come out to Sunset Park and enjoy a nice variety of musical pieces including a march, a musical, a classical favorite along with a fun novelty piece.  p.s. – listen for the slide whistle.  The music begins at 7:30pm.

Holton-Elkhorn Band 6/15/18

The Holton-Elkhorn Band had it’s rehearsal last night for tonight’s concert. It should prove to be a very nice concert. Looking at the weather for today it is reassuring to see that the forecast says the rain is moving off and will be partly sunny by concert time at 7:30pm.

Check in as concert time approaches for the latest update on the weather and concert status.

Holton-Elkhorn Band – Weather July 21, 2017

Tonight’s Holton-Elkhorn Band Concert has been canceled.  Watching the weather closely all day in hopes we could get it played didn’t produce the desired results.  Radar shows heavy rain moving into the area around 7:20 . . . just in time to start the concert. We would start a bit later if it was clear behind the front but it is a long front lasting until nearly 11pm.

We haven’t missed a concert in 8 years and are very sorry for missing tonight’s concert. It was going to be a great one.  Thank you for supporting the Band all season. We appreciate our audience very much!  You are the BEST!

BAND MEMBERS – meet at the Band Shell around 7:15 to turn in folders.  Thank you!